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Good communication skills is the result of eloquent speech, voice articulation and clear pronunciation. ABC International Pronunciation Course is designed to improve your speaking skills through understanding the various sounds in English.

This book focuses on the 24 different Consonant sounds, including their various blends. (A blend is the sound which is produced when two consonants are sounded together e.g. bl or gr). Each sound will be covered in a seperate chapter starting with the phoetic symbol. Two of these sounds will share a chapter as they are hard and soft sounds of the same consonant. This will enable the students to read new words and distinguish between the sounds. The chapters include fun activities and exercises. The student is actively involved with the various sounds by using them in activities as well as in verbal pronunciation programmes.

Each chapter begins with Drill words to introduce the sound to the reader. It is followed by a variety of exercises, poems and stories. Each activity should be done by reading the words from the left to the right of the page, starting at the top and going toward the bottom. Repetition is of utmost importance when learning phonetics.

You will find a list of the various symbols, sounds and examples of words on the next page.

Now lets begin to improve our pronunciation with Speak English Consonants.

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